The Colored Face

the colored face
  • Category:


  • Production Year:


  • Duration:

    2 min

  • Director:

    Mahta Hosseini

  • Director of photography :

    Mohommad Talebpour

  • Editor:

    Mohammreza Khezri

This film is a metaphorical form to show an Iranian girls experience of migration. She is being hurt by the noises that represent the everyday hard news that seem to her as sound torture and it is so severe that makes her ears bleed. She then tries to get rid of the sounds so she moves away (migrate from her country , Iran) and walks thorough different doors which represent different continents; the first door is Europe which rejects and pushes her back making a green mark (green is the symbol color of Europe in Olympics) on her face, she then goes to Oceania (blue) , Asia (yellow) , Africa (black), and America (red). The last place she goes is the country of America and land of dreams which pushes and rejects her in the most fiercely way and leads to her tragic fall. The marks on her skin is a metaphor of Iranian society and people’s identity which is inspired by everywhere and yet does not belong to anywhere. People who crave for peace and friendship with the world.