Where ever I am let me be; sky is mine

Where ever I am let me be, sky is mine
  • Category:

    Expiremental short film / Video art

  • Production Year:


  • Duration:

    1:30 min

  • Director:

    Mahta Hosseini

  • Cameraperson:

    Mohommad Talebpour

  • Photographer and poster design:

    Mahya Saeedi

  • Editor:

    Mohammreza Khezri

There is something miraculous about sky, no body can limit it; The sky is the same in every country or region and without any borders, and as Sohrab Sepehri said ”wherever I am let it be;the sky is mine”. In this video there’s an immigrant who is starting from her hometown ( Tehran ) and walks away from her there but she’s wearing a mirrored back pack depicting sky and it’s the same all over her way and she some how poses it.